The museum grounds is the home to several buildings, many date back to World War II, they include our main building, Hangar #1 of #12 Service Flight Training School, Brandon.

The Hangar

Hangar #1 is our main building. It is a double hangar, built in 1940, and was used for the storage and maintenance of Cessna Crane aircraft used at #12 SFTS. Now it contains the chapel, gift shop, display areas on 2 floors, the main section with aircraft and vehicles on display, and the workshop where you can see aircraft being restored.

The Canteen

The Canteen has been beautifully restored and can be rented for various events. Call the museum at 204-727-2444 for availability and rates!

The H-Hut

The H-Hut (a WWII era building) was moved to our site from CFB Shilo and restored. This building houses the Archives, CASARA, and the Brandon Hills Model Railroad Club.

The Motor Transport Building

The MT Building is a replica of an original that was located in Douglas, MB.

The Dental/Medical Building

The dental/medical building is an original building and our only one that is still in need of restoring.

The Sentry Box

Not a building as such, the Sentry Box stands at the entrance to the museum grounds. Originally, a fence and gate would be located at the Sentry Box as well. This original structure came from #25 EFTS at Assiniboia, SK.