A Day of Remembrance: A Special Lecture at the CATPM!

When & When: Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, November 12th 1:30 pm, Museum Canteen


On August 19, 1942, the ill-fated Allied military attack titled Operation Jubilee, to be later known as the Dieppe Raid, was launched. The events surrounding the combined air-sea-land operation still stir controversy to this day.

November 12, 2022, A Day of Remembrance: The Story of Dieppe Raid, lecture by historian David O’Keefe and Ted Barris in Brandon, Manitoba at the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, 1:30 pm Museum Canteen, donations at the door are welcome and will go to support the museum. Sponsored by The Manitoba Chapter of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society (CAHS)

The History Storytellers Program

The 80th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid Commemorative Project will involve two of Canada’s foremost historians, Ted Barris and David O’Keefe, who will help tell the story of the Operation Jubilee/Dieppe Raid. Both Canadian authors/historians have teamed up before on the road to present a program they called “History Storytellers.” They have completed two such trips to Alberta (to speak in Edmonton and Calgary) – in 2018, on the topic of JUNO, and last November (2021), it was an evening on the Liberation of the Netherlands.

David will talk about his book One Day in August (about the Dieppe raid); and Ted will be speaking about the Battle of the Atlantic, the longest battle of the Second World War and connecting with stories of the soldiers, airmen and sailors who were at Dieppe.

One Day in August by David O’Keefe

David O’Keefe is an award-winning historian, documentarian and professor at Marianopolis College in Westmount, Quebec. He served with the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada in the Canadian Forces in Montreal and worked as a Signals Intelligence research historian for the Directorate of History and Heritage. He created and collaborated on more than 15 documentaries for the History channel and National Geographic and has appeared on CBC, CTV, Global Television and the UKTV Network in Great Britain.

David wrote and co-produced the ground-breaking film documentary: Dieppe Uncovered, which made headlines around the world, as well as the documentary film, Black Watch Snipers. He is also the writer, co-creator and host of the History channel’s program War Junk.

In addition, O’Keefe is the bestselling author of One Day in August: The Untold Story behind Canada’s Tragedy at Dieppe, a finalist for the John W. Dafoe Book Prize, the CAA Lela Common Award for Canadian History and the RBC Taylor Prize. David O’Keefe lives in Rigaud, Quebec, with his wife and children.

Launching: Battle of the Atlantic: Gauntlet to Victory by Ted Barris

Ted Barris is a Canadian writer, journalist, professor and broadcaster. He writes a weekly column, “The Barris Beat”, and is a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail and The National Post. Barris has worked as a freelance journalist, broadcaster and author since the 1960s. He regularly contributes to CBC Radio programs and CTV News Channel. His non-fiction works focus on Canada’s military heritage.

Barris has published 19 non-fiction books, half of them wartime histories. His book The Great Escape: A Canadian Story won the 2014 Libris Award as Best Non-Fiction Book in Canada. His book Dam Busters: Canadian Airmen and the Secret Raid Against Nazi Germany received the 2019 NORAD Trophy from the RCAF Association.

His book Rush to Danger: Medics in the Line of Fire was listed for the 2020 Charles Taylor Price for Non-Fiction in Canada. Battle of the Atlantic: Gauntlet to Victory is Ted’s 20th published non-fiction book. Barris is a retired professor of Journalism at Toronto’s Centennial College. He and his wife, Jayne MacAulay live in Uxbridge, Ontario. 

For more information www.airmuseum.ca

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The CATPM mission is to commemorate the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan by telling its story, preserving its artifacts, and paying tribute to the thousands of Air Force personnel, who gave their lives during WWII.

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    1. Hi Eileen, we have many log books in the archives and, I believe, one is in a display cabinet. Unfortunately, the museum is closed for the foreseeable future due to structural damage that must be repaired. If you want more information, call or email the museum (contact info is on the home page).


      1. When you can, would you please see is there is a log book for WALTER J GRAMSON. I was too young to know him and his words in the log book would be helpful to know more about him
        I never intended to donate the book – just loan it


      2. If anyone can go into the building would they please check if there is a log book for WALTER J GRAMSON. I am devastated
        that it has been misplace when I was assured it would be returned when I requested


      3. Surely someone can go see if the log book on display is Walter J Gramson
        When I left it I was told it would be put on display


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