From the Archives

These medals and Operational Wings were awarded to Pilot Officer J.L. who was from Fairfax Manitoba. He was killed in action on December 6 1944 at the age of 26 years while serving with 423 Tiger Squadron as the Pilot of Halifax aircraft NP 945 (QB-D). The aircraft failed to return from a night attack against Osnabruck, Germany. Also killed were crew members F/O. D.L. McCullough and P/O. J.R. Lee. F/O.s A.M. Garner (RCAF), A.A.J. Low (RCAF), P/O. H. Pankratz (RCAF) and Sgt. R. Atkinson (RAF) were taken Prisoners Of War. These medals and Operational Wing were donated to the museum on October 26, 1995. (Information provided by the CATP Museum memorial book “They Shall Grow Not Old.’’)

The medals shown in the photos are the Memorial Cross – Sterling Silver cross, the Germany Star, the France Star, the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Maple Leaf Bar and The 1939 – 1945 War Medal. The badge on the top left of this display is often incorrectly thought to be an Air Observer badge. In reality, it is the World War II RCAF Operational badge given to airmen who completed one combat tour, or in this case posthumously whether the tour was completed or not. More information can be found regarding the medals at an excellent web site (Veterans Affairs Canada) at:

(Post kindly submitted by our archivist, Greg Sigurdson)

Summer Students say farewell!

This summer we were fortunate to employ 2 summer students. Nate and Parker worked hard doing many tasks over their time here. Parker wrote a short post for the blog. We thank both our students for their hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication! Parker’s post:

“Hello, my name is Parker McKelkie and I am a summer student at the CATPM this summer and it’s been a great experience! I’ve gotten the opportunity to work independently on projects with the creative freedom to work on what I want. I personally was given the opportunity to create the anniversary video. With this I got to “play” with many fancy gadgets I wouldn’t have normally been able to use. The other benefit of working here is how friendly everyone is. From the staff to all the volunteers, the CATPM had been very open and friendly to us through my and my co-workers time here.” 

Fly in a WWII Trainer – take 2!

As you are probably aware, we were not able to do most of the rides we had scheduled this past Saturday due to the weather. We have another ride day planned to make up some of the missed rides set for Saturday, September 4th.

Rides will only be available in the Cornell and Tiger Moth for this day. We have times still available for rides – call the museum for details and booking!

Tiger Moth: Ride times still available for 9:00am; 11 am; and 2 pm.

Cornell: Ride times available for 11 am, 12 noon; 1; and 2 pm.

CATPM Flight Day

Want to fly in a WWII Training Aircraft?  Now is your chance!

When: On Saturday August 28th

Where: the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum at the Brandon Municipal Airport

Call for details and to book a flight 204-727-2444

Flights can be purchased in the Tiger Moth, Harvard and the Cornell.  Flights every hour starting at 9am, last flight at 4pm, weather permitting.

Look to the skies!

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum is Canada’s only air museum solely dedicated to the preservation of those who trained and fought for the British Commonwealth during WWII.

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum is proud to be one of the seven Manitoba Signature Museums, a Manitoba Star Attraction and a National Historic Site.

For more information about the CATPM’s flight day, please contact:

Stephen Hayter, Executive Director

Ph: 727-2444  Fax:725-2334  Email: