As Promised … Videos and Photos

In the last post, Stephen promised the video of the 80th Anniversary ceremony. Here is the video – along with a video made by our summer students to help celebrate, and a few photos.

Ceremony held July 19, 2021
Video made by summer students
Staff car & planes on the apron.
The pilots gather!
Museum President, John McNarry presents Brandon Mayor, Rick Chrest, with a #12 SFTS crest
July 19, 1941. Front page of the Brandon Sun
#12 SFTS Gate
A Cessna Crane in front of the #12 SFTS tower

80th Anniversary of #12 SFTS

#12 Service Flying Training School, Brandon, Manitoba, had its Grand Opening on July 19th, 1941 to much fanfare and many visitors. After having our museum closed for months due to the pandemic it was wonderful to open on such a historic day. Over the next few days please look for video of his Worship Mayor Chrest bringing greetings from the City and comments and a presentation from Museum President, John McNarry. Over the next week we will also be sharing some excellent historic photos as well.

Press Release

July 12th, 2021                  

For Immediate Release

The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan of World War II was the largest infrastructure program Canada had ever seen, surpassing the construction of the transcontinental railway. Over 200 training establishments changed the social and economic conditions in many communities forever. The influx of 1,500 or more trainees and staff suddenly added to communities like Brandon, and after the war ended many of the B.C.A.T.P. buildings became community halls, hockey rinks, housing, and business structures. With young men & women from all parts of Canada coming together during training, it was one of the greatest unifying forces in our history.

#12 Service Flying Training School – Brandon, with satellite fields at Chater & Douglas, was a huge part of our local history and that story is a National story. 

This July 19th is the 80th anniversary of the grand opening of #12 SFTS in 1941.

Celebrate with the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum on July 19th virtually at, we are also on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. (see links in the site banner!)

Starting 12 noon, July 19th the museum will be flying our historic training aircraft over Brandon!   Look to the skies!

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum is Canada’s only air museum solely dedicated to the preservation of those who trained and fought for the British Commonwealth during WWII. 

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum is proud to be one of the seven Manitoba Signature Museums, a Manitoba Star Attraction and a National Historic Site.

For more information about the CATPM’s virtual event, please contact:

Stephen Hayter, Executive Director

Ph: 727-2444  Fax:725-2334  Email:

Finally Re-Opening on Monday July 19th!

We are so excited to announce that we are re-opening on Monday July 19th! Loosening restrictions were announced as more people receive vaccinations and Covid numbers decrease. Let’s hope that this time everyone continues to take precautions, vaccinations keep going up, and Covid numbers keep going down. Note that some restrictions must still be observed, visitors must be fully vaccinated, wear masks, and capacity is limited, but it is great to be re-opening! We are fortunate to have two summer students this year, they have been getting the hangar prepared and are looking forward to greeting visitors. Our hours will be regular summer hours: 10 am – 4 pm, seven days a week!

We hope to see you soon! We have an important story to tell and so many amazing artifacts – aircraft, vehicles, and so much more. Did you know our hangar is an original from the BCATP here in Brandon’s #12 SFTS and dates back to 1941? Actually, Monday the 19th is the 80th anniversary of the grand opening of #12 SFTS! When you are here, bring a camera and share your photos on social media using the hashtags #catpm and #airmuseum. (all of our social media platforms are linked in the post previous to this one – be sure to follow us!) Our gift shop has a range of items for sale too! Here are a few photos to get you in the mood!